New and useful features in Second Life's latest Beta Viewer v2.72

There are a couple of new and useful features in Second Life's latest Beta Viewer v2.72, released today, June 9th, for Mac, Windows and Linux.  The release notes show some nice bug fixes for Mac users for lighting and shadows, which should please some bloggers that love shadows.  You know who you are.  I have one cautionary note:   If you are a Mac user and this crashes for you, it's probably because they re-enable deferred rendering on ATI Macs.  Look in the Ctrl-P menu under Graphics and hardware settings and turn it off if you continually blow up.

What I find extremely interesting is that the Lindens have finally updated the maximum cache size from 1GB to anything from 64 to 9984 MB, or almost 10 GB. They also fixed " the 'Clear Cache' button" to actually clear cache.   It's about time.  The older  1 GB cache was ridiculously small. 

The setting is in Ctrl-P, Advanced, and as you can see, it defaults as it did before to the even more ridiculous 512K cache.


Here is a tip :  Set the viewers cache location to a fast thumb drive and speed this new, huge cache up!   Flash is up to 100X faster compared to a laptop disk drive.  You can point the cache directly at a flash drive, or use ReadyBoost.  ReadyBoost is feature built into Windows 7 and Vista.   If you get a ReadyBoost-capable flash memory, and enable it, then your entire system will run faster.    If you don't want ReadyBoost, get a large USB2.0 or 3.0 flash drive and point the cache file directly at the drive.  If you want to read more about ReadyBoost, Wikipedia has a good summary of it.

There is also some candy coming for scripters.   LLRegionSayTo() is a new script command that allows a prim to talk directly to another prim in the same region without having to use llRegionSay(), which should greatly speed up the server code compared to llRegionSay().   The server will no longer have to dig through all the message queues so object-to-object interaction should be faster.