How to make an animal and make it move using Archipelis for Second Life

I use Archipelis to make a lot of animals and birds in Second Life. In this article, I'll show you how you can easily make a moving animal in Second Life by combining the output of Archipelis from with my newest database-driven Prim Animator. The clip at the right shows one possible animation out of many. It is easy to draw and make 3-D content in Second Life with Archipelis. When you combine this easy to use tool with my easy to use scripts, you can make moving, jumping, and crawling objects in Second Life.

This is an easy project.   I've gone into a lot of detail because this is a powerful technique for making anything move in Second Life.

Part 1 -  Making animated animals in Second Life
Part 2 - Making a Baby Bird for Second Life using Archipelis
Part 3 -  Making the Mama Robin bird  using Archipelis for Second Life
Part 4 - Loading your project into Second Life
Part 5 - Animating your birds nest