Open Source "Sphere World" Breedable Pets for Second Life

Here are some pictures of the new 'Sphere World' open-source plug in for breedable XS pets.   The Sphere World spins while critters walk around it, breed on it, and sleep and play.  They really sound cute when they lay down and start snoring and particle Zzzzs come out.    And they  yawn when they wake up and stretch.


We now have a modular plug-in for sounds and particle effects ready to release. 

All scripts are a re-write of original XS Pet Quail.  It is backward compatible with the XS Quail and should be usable for almost any breedable pet.

Any XS pet such as these robots can be made to live on a sphere or on a flat surface. Here they are in flatland cheering for their Great Leader. (me)


The Sphere World plug-in is a simple replacement for one script.    It makes the Troubot robots walk around and live on the world as it spins:

I think I will release this as a standalone, open source project, with no breeding capability too, because it is fun and a lot easier to make.  There are unlimited possibilities in Sphere World.  It would be to fun to send pictures of them to  I made a compatible SL platform to submit content to them but have not yet submitted anything.   

We were up late playing with a world within a world - adding small trees, mushrooms and a bridge to this St Patrricks s day version.