Len Brown has published 'Assemble a breedable Pet Quail' video

Len Brown has published an Assemble a Breedable Pet  Quail video and is building a new web site http://www.primpmyprim.com showing you how easy it is to assemble your own breedable pet quail from these Open Source scripts.

His video applies equally well to my Open Source Pet Robot, Troubot, too!

I want to thank Len for his help and emails concerning the XS Quail project, which have been hugely use in making these scripts usable in almost any breedable pet, and I wish him a warm welcome to the blogosphere. He graciously allowed me to see the entire site and use his extensive notes on the original pet Quail to improve my ramblings and clean up the mistakes and misconceptions about how they work and are assembled.   This was a difficult project, months of work went into making the first copy of the Quail, and Len cleaned up a lot of misconceptions very quickly.  Len has a set of the original Quails, too.    From what I have seen seen so far, you will love his work, and he will be a valuable asset in other areas, too. He is an Open Sim advocate, and he likes to write about prims and how far they can be pushed into making pretty baubles and useful gadgets.

I have been lucky enough to preview the XS Quail project on the PrimMyPrim web site, and it is a marvel of clarity and good writing.   Len wrote that he expects rest of the site to be up by Monday. He is going to add a forum this weekend so he can communicate directly with visitors and have a way to clarify things as necessary and get input on what people would like to talk about in future tutorials.