Introducing Que Composer, the Phaze fairy

I saw one of Bryn Oh's works recently and that made me want my own flock of birds and dreamy statues, but with a Phaze fairy twist to it. This little fairy 'bot' and her flock of friends is now the new greeter for visitors in the sim Phaze Demesnes in Second Life. The tree stump is a free item in Phaze Demesnes (2 prims), and it works for anyone who sits on it.

Her name is Que Composer, and she and the birds are controlled by a free SL bot program, "Metabolt", and the tree stump. The wings come in 4 styles and about 200 variations (visit the fairy house to get them, they are free). The bot isn't really needed, so if you want one, drop in and grab a copy from the bird house just down the path from Que.