Make a Bee fly to flowers and gather pollen in Second Life

It's time to give away a bunch of my work again.    I've always loved birds and bees and I love to make things that are unusual and unique.    This bee was inspired by asign I saw at the Texas State fair.
 I'll show you how to make a 5-prim bee that gather honey from 1-prim flowers, and takes it back to a 1-prim beehive.  I'm giving away some difficult  work.  The wing sculpt alone took me weeks to figure out.

This project includes several neat tricks I've learned and will teach you:
1) It uses non-physical movement, so it is very low lag.  Except for a small burst of script activity every 5 seconds, this script uses few resources.
2)  Since I wanted this to work in OpenSim, too, I had to come up with a function to replace the (broken) llLookat()  system call.  If you are a scripter, you will love the function face_target(). 

2) This bee uses a very fast wing-movement effect that has no server-side lag at all, even for very high wing rates.  This is the same trick I have used in my freebie butterflies, fairies and hummingbird projects, and now you will know how the trick works.  There is a template included so you can make your own wings.  I've never seen it published before.  This is a zero-lag effect.

Read the post and make you own bee for collecting pollen!