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OpenSim and Second Life have many wonderful artists who can sculpt and build wonderful items. Everywhere I go I see great looking animals and objects. But those objects are just sitting there! Maybe they move a head or blink and eye, but that's about all I see.   It makes it far more dramatic when your critters move and exhibit animal-like behavior.   There seems to be a lack of knowledge or skill on how to do simple movements, perhaps because people do not know how to script, or if they do, what tricks you can use to do these effects with.  So I came up with Make your own Animated frog that chase bugs

Pets can move about using several techniques, such as prim movement, llMoveTo physics, as vehicles using physics, and with the several new path finding commands.   OpenSim has a variety of poorly behaving physics engines, and I want to keep this simple.   In honor of the people who found a new species of leopard frog in New York, I made a mesh frog and a moving bug for it to eat and a set of scripts to animate them :


This article will show you how to do basic animal behavior and movements effects using the simplest possible method of prim movement:

Movement within a bounding area
Pursuit of prey
Eating behavior
Walking effects
Prey movement
Prey being eaten
Prims: 6 for the frog, 2 for the bug

You can make this pet easily and modify it for your own uses.  This is licensed so you cannot sell this frog, but you are free to make and sell any products that are based on this products scripts using these techniques.

I rate this as a simple project that anyone can build.   You do not need any knowledge of making  scripts, sculpts, or meshes, except how to add them to a prim.  I am including some extensive notes on how you can make your own bugs and pets using my techniques, but you can skip these steps.OpenSim users: Because this project is based on mesh, it requires OpenSim version 0.7.2  or higher

Make your own Animated frog that chase bugs