Second Life Beta viewer 3.3.4 with some interesting new features and improvements from Firestorm, no less

Beta viewer 3.3.4 is out, with some interesting new features and improvements, five GPU card fixes, and some useful code back-ported from Firestorm.  You can download it from the official Second Life site.

Coincidentally, I just wrote a post yesterday about free tools for making Machinima in Second Life which explains the "Show HUD Attachments" (Alt+Shift+H). It has now been moved from Advanced-> "Highlighting and Visibility" to Me - menu.

A spellchecker is now included in the viewer.   You know what this is, its the software found everywhere but the viewer that creates that annoying,

red line when you typo.  I can see this will be fun to work with  used a lot, as my world is  full of LOLs and bwahaha's that will light up my screen with lots of little red worms under words that should be in a dictionary, such as notecard and JIRA.  The JIRA claims it works in both local chat and IM, in "note cards", along with picks and group notices,  and it lets you add your own words and make an ignore list.  

By the way, spellcheck is another good reason to stop using scripted translators.    There is a perfectly good, free translator built into the viewer.  It's far faster and much less laggy than any LSL-based product.   When I gave away over 110,000 of my "Ferds free Google Translator" two years ago, I swore I would use it to flood the world with the goodness of translation so that the Lindens could be convinced to put it in the viewer.   The strategy worked, Philip Linden listened, he paid for it to be put into the viewer (a first for Linden Lab), and there is just no reason to use a scripted translator any more!

Also in this general category is a "Text Macro" feature that was imported (with permission) from Firestorm.  This let you replace text snippets with another piece of text  based on a short user-configurable list.   

Hamlet Au of New World Notes will like that the lab is now logging OpenGL version and shader level to the simulator so they can track old buggy drivers for his Alienware.    Runitai Linden says that this will  allow the lab to "build a list of drivers that are known to not work, detect the presence of those drivers, notify the user that they're drivers are out of date, and disable features that are known to be problematic".  It's about time they decided to look at older GPU issues.  And speaking of GPU issues, hopefully this next one will fix up a lot of older machines such as my Alienware and my GeForce 8800 card in my server, too:

VBO:   There is a new fix for an old problem with Vertex Buffer Objects which shows up on older video cards.    The video card detector always enables this on all of my machines and I have to go in and manually disable "Enable Vertex Buffer Objects" in order to stay alive for more than a few minutes.  There are also GPU fixes for Geforce 560ti, GeForce 6600, Nvidia cards running the GeForce 304.79 BETA drivers, and Radeon 1100 and 1200 series.